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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Library: Books about African textiles

We recommend these books about African textiles:

African Majesty: The Textile Art of the Ashanti
Peter Adler

An illustrated history of strip weaving by the Asante in Ghana and the Ewe who live in both Ghana and Togo. The individually patterned strips are sewn together to make kente cloth which has been known by European explorers since 15th century. Well illustrated with wonderful photographs and explanations of designs.

African Style: down to the details
Sharne Algotson, photographs by George Ross

An inspired collection of design ideas that use textiles, colours and materials from African cultures. Full of practical as well as design advice this book will help you create a truly African style for your home.

African Textiles: Color and Creativity Across a Continent
John Gillow

John Gillow travelled extensively throughout Africa and uncovered a dazzling array of textiles from tapestries, rugs, garments, and more. Tecniques and regions are covred in detail from strip weaving in Ghana to Ethiopian embroidery and Berber rugs - this is an authoritative work.

Bogolan: Shaping Culture through Cloth in Contemporary Mali (African Expressive Cultures)
Victoria L. Rovine

Lavishly illustrated this book explores the revival of bogolan, bogolanfini or mudcloth as it is known and how artisans are developing new products using the traditional techniques. You can buy mudcloth in the Textiles, Mudcloth section of eShopAfrica.

Printed and Dyed Textiles from Africa (Fabric Folios)
John Gillow

A beautifully illustrated book documenting the various methods of fabric dying in West Africa including mudcloth from Mali, adinkra from Ghana, adire from Yorubaland in Nigeria, ikats from Madagascar, indigo-resist dying and more. Useful both as a design reference and to learn about the traditional techniques.

Silk in Africa (Fabric Folios)
Chris Spring, Julie Hudson

From the authoritative British Museum, the latest book in the Fabric Folios series explores the diverse and little known world of African silk. With illustrations from the British Museum collections the book explores the places where silk is valued in Africa and explanations of the way designs and ideas have travelled throughout the continent.

Art of African Textiles
Duncan Clark

Describing both the materials and techniques, this book describes how many different kinds of African cloth are made including Kente cloth from Ghana, Bogolan (mud cloth) from Mali, Raffia cloth from Congo, Aso Oke from Yorubanland in Nigeria and wax printed cloths. Descriptions and photographs show the skill and workmanship required to produce these cloths.

African Textiles (Icon Editions)
John Picton
A round up of different techniques, traditions and materials used to make textiles around the continent.

Spirit of African Design
Sharne Algotson

How to use African designs and motifs in a contemporary way to decorate your home.

African Accents on the Go! Designing Accessories With Cultural Style
Lisa Shepard

Things to make using African crafts - illustrated with photographs and easy to follow diagrams for things to make both for home, school and office.

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