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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gallery: Process: Lost Wax Brass Process: : 01 Making the Wax Model

The "lost wax" brass process is an ancient tecnique used for making brass models and sculptures.  It was also used to make the the intricate gold ornaments beloved by West African chiefs. Nowadays brass is more commonly used.  This is the process: 

  • 01 Making the Wax Model
  • 02 Making the Mould
  • 03 In the Kiln
  • 04 Cleaning and Polishing
Making the wax model

 Wax from the African honey bee is used

First it's formed into the rough shape and size needed

 Sometimes the wax is pressed into moulds to form the basic shape

After the basic shape has been formed...

The decoration can begin...

Pieces of wax are modelled to make the decorations 

An old syringe is used to make strings of wax        

But when you need a lot, production can be cranked up using innovative technology       

After the strings of wax have been applied they are sculpted - every detail made in wax will be replaced by brass

This is fiddly work - the fine strings of wax are shaped and fused to the base shape - it needs a steady hand and great concentration...

The finished wax faces

Adinkra symbol "gye nyame" moulds

Beads and hollow brass models are made from fine strings of wax built up over a charcoal mould

All done with these simple tools...

And all part of a day's work for this artisan at his workbench

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