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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael Norton is a fan of eShopAfrica.com!!!

Early this month Michael was in Ghana, despite his hectic schedule he made time to pay us a visit. It was a very humbling experience, meeting a man with such a rich CV, and vast business mind. Prior to seeing him, it is fair to say, I was intimidated. Mr. Norton’s personality seemed contrary to his intimidating resume, he was a simple man who spoke freely and eloquently.

He is truly a social activist

40 years supporting voluntary organisations, developing creative ideas for a better world, turning them into successful projects, and encouraging others to go out and change the world.

Thank you Michael for your support!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting with COFTA...

During my short visit to kenya I managed to pay a short visit to COFTA, co operation for fair trade in Africa, to discuss with secretariat office how eShopAfrica would like to get involved in mobilizing more members from the western part of the continent to join COFTA. Hilda, membership officer explained the role played with COFTA as a network of fair trade producer organization involved and working with artisans to eleminate poverty through fair trade.

Joan, the regional director for Africa was busy in a meeting, nevertheless she warmly welcomed my visit.
I am looking forward to see change in the livlihood of African artisans through parntership and advocacy for fair trade.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kawther's visit to Kazuri beads factory in kenya

Last month I was able to visit kasuri beads factory in Kenya. I was really impressed . I watched the whole process from making slabs of clay, then weghing clay pieces according to beads size,shaping each single bead by hand, baking, glazing, stringing and finally into a beautiful necklace,earing or a bracelet.
The factory acts as a social gathering with the hum of voices continuing throughout the day, the atmosphere is friendly and there was a smile on everybody's face. This factory provides employment opportunities for 350 disadvantaged members of Kenyan Society. What a great job!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feedback: Musical Instruments: Michael Hilger, US

I am happy with the Gome drum, which I thought was cleanly designed and constructed, and (more importantly) which sounds good.