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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dr W. Stephen Howard visits eShopAfrica

Director of the African Studies Program at Ohio University, W. Stephen Howard is also director of the Institute for the African Child, which he founded to promote progressive development of children and their families across the African world. Dr Howard paid a curtsy visit to eShopAfrica during his short stay in Ghana. He commented on the efforts that eshopAfrica is making to help African artisans to expose their art and crafts globally.
eShopAfrica supplies Ohio University with personilized kente stoles for thier garduation .

Stars pendants

1.Recycled bottles will be crushed into pieces which called"fritt"

2.The moulds are put into a kiln to be baked.

The kiln has to be hot enough to melt down the lumps of glass in the fritt.

3.The hole made by an awl... this is skilled work which has to be done

quickly before the glass cools.

4.When cool they are polished on a stone using sand and water. This grinds down the rough edges and removes the kaolin.

5. Cute and beautiful...what do you think????