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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Walk

Ghana International Women Club (GIWC) organized a fun walk which started at 6:30 am last Saturday 5th November. The walk was used to draw attention to an upcoming Gala ni
ght for the club. The funds from the Gala night will be used to renovate an operating theatre for the maternity ward at Ridge hospital in Accra. By renovating the theatre, the hospital will have a theatre dedicated to the maternity ward. This will ensure that more than 2,800 mothers in need of extra care will receive the appropriate medical attention in order to increase the number of safe deliveries.

The GIWC Walk was a 45 minute event that included a walk that started at airport residential area and ended at the residence of the Egyptian ambassador. Setting of at 6:30am in cloudy weather and under a faint drizzle, participants of the walk were accompanied by a local marching band and local police. The 2 mile walk concluded with a breakfast at the residence of the Egyptian ambassador.