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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gallery: Out & About: Osu Streets

Osu streets - our neighbourhood

eShopAfrica's office is in Osu one of the main shopping areas in Accra, the capital of Ghana. One day we took our camera out so you could see what our neighbourhood looks like.

This is an average day in Osu High Street known as Oxford Street in honour of its shopping. The traffic's usually pretty bad...


 You can find pretty much anything you're looking for in Osu... take this fine display of plastics

Although there are bad traffic jams, they're interactive. While you're waiting you never know what you might be able to buy. In the background you can see Frankie's hotel, restaurant, patisserie and ice cream parlour, a popular place to hang out.

While you're waiting in the traffic you might decide you need a new car seat, or an inflatable globe, or an electric hair clipper, or a duster - the choice is yours!

If you didn't like the plastics... how about a pair of trainers from the shop next door?

 There's always some eye catching street art to look at too like this hand painted advertisment for Club Beer... makes you thirsty just to look at it!

It's not only cars in the traffic... these goats are on their way to an important appointment and are causing a bit of a goat-jam. All part of day to day life

The traffic jams can last for hours... but it's OK. If you get hungry or thirsty someone will come along with something to eat or drink like the lady with the blue bowl on her head who's selling iced water.

And because it's West Africa colour isn't far away like this beautiful bougainvillea that's thriving despite the traffic fumes.



So it's goodbye from Osu... the traffic still isn't moving but we love it anyway!