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Thursday, February 8, 2001

Launch Press Release Feb 01

eShopAfrica.com, a fair trade ecommerce website operating out of Ghana, West Africa is launching this week. eShopAfrica.com brings you top quality African arts and crafts made by traditional African artisans many of who currently live in povoery. The world has been told to buy more from Africa - we want to help them.

Launch Press Release February 2001

  eShopAfrica.com brings you top quality African manufactured goods in bulk. We are based in Ghana, West Africa and are using the Internet to create a larger global market for African products. The world has been told to buy more from Africa - we want to help them.
    We sell our goods in bulk - the more you buy the lower the price. As well as selling in bulk we offer pre-selected groups of items - Bumper buys - which attract a further discount. We offer a search service for unique and hard to find African items and can make product recommendations to help retailers find what their customers want. See the Gold Service page of our site for more details.
    We monitor the quality of all our products and agree quality guidelines with our suppliers. We enforce these guidelines rigorously to ensure our high standards. We do not disturb traditional supply and manufacturing lines and pay the fair market price for the quality we are buying. We put 10% of our profits back into the African community - see the Community page of our site for more details.
    As well as products, the shelves inside our shop are stocked with interesting facts about Africa and tips on how to use our products. Retailers can pass on these facts and tips to their customers to give the products added value.
    For our opening in February 2001 most of our stock is from Ghana. However, we are establishing links with artisans in other African countries and will be increasing our coverage soon. In the meantime, please visit our site and take a look at our products. The key to the success of any web business is publicity. Please help us by passing on our web address to anyone who may be interested. Thanks.

url   www.eShopAfrica.com

email  info@eShopAfrica.com