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Monday, July 8, 2013

Gallery: Process: Lost Wax Brass Process: 04 Cleaning and Polishing

The "lost wax" brass process is an ancient tecnique used for making brass models and sculptures.  It was also used to make the the intricate gold ornaments beloved by West African chiefs. Nowadays brass is more commonly used.  This is the process: 

  • 01 Making the Wax Model
  • 02 Making the Mould
  • 03 In the Kiln
  • 04 Cleaning and Polishing 

After they have baked in the kiln the crucibles are broken open to reveal the finished pieces inside

But it's not over yet... each of the pieces has to be cleaned which is a long job

Everyone in the workshop helps out - even the children

In fact it's a family job... and this is how children start to learn the skill

Making different model

 And here are the glorious finished pieces - all cleaned and shined


 People come from all over the world to see the skills of these artisans...

And we say good by to the artisans at the "lost wax" brass workshop in Ghana


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