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Friday, June 15, 2001

Media: AMEX: eShopAfrica.com made 'lead' company

AMEX, a USAID project designed to increase non-traditional exports from Africa, has made eShopAfrica.com a 'lead' company. It has chosen us an example of how ecommerce can be used to achieve their objectives and wants other businesses to follow our example. They are giving us valuable and timely support in building up our business fast.

Here are the criteria that AMEX used: 

  • Wishes to be in the non-traditional export markets
  • Wishes to use the most modern, but appropriate, technology
  • Is a privately held market promotion and sales entity
  • Is either already commercially linked, or wishes to be linked, with smaller firms of any type or small-scale producers of up-stream components. Is willing to 'pull' these smaller entities into a larger commercial arena
  • Is willing to test concepts and develop new market opportunities
  • Willing to be involved in the production and marketing of Ghanaian products with a high potential for increased revenues and significant multiplier effects
  • Is willing to absorb new and innovative marketing and market intelligence systems. Growth potential in these aspects and also in revenues should be evident
  • Has the potential for increased employment
  • Has the potential to diversify its marketing of commodities, to include the United States as well as Europe and the West Africa sub-region
  • Is sensitive to, and wishes to adopt, environmentally sound practices
  •  There is the possibility of value addition to the enterprise's primary products.