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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Walk

Ghana International Women Club (GIWC) organized a fun walk which started at 6:30 am last Saturday 5th November. The walk was used to draw attention to an upcoming Gala ni
ght for the club. The funds from the Gala night will be used to renovate an operating theatre for the maternity ward at Ridge hospital in Accra. By renovating the theatre, the hospital will have a theatre dedicated to the maternity ward. This will ensure that more than 2,800 mothers in need of extra care will receive the appropriate medical attention in order to increase the number of safe deliveries.

The GIWC Walk was a 45 minute event that included a walk that started at airport residential area and ended at the residence of the Egyptian ambassador. Setting of at 6:30am in cloudy weather and under a faint drizzle, participants of the walk were accompanied by a local marching band and local police. The 2 mile walk concluded with a breakfast at the residence of the Egyptian ambassador.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

African Dolls

These activity dolls are not dolls for play, but rather collector dolls that reflect the different jobs undertaken by women in Ghana. They illustrate the traditional roll of women as they perform their day to day activities.

These lovely active ladies have come to our office on their way to the UK!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recycled glass buttons

The production of recycled buttons is not as simple as one might expect. All buttons undergo a rigorous selection process, and a lot are rejected. During this process the artisan has to exhibit a lot of skill, they carefully, and quickly insert two holes while the glass button is still very hot. An inability to perforate the buttons correctly will results in cracks.

When done correctly, the final result is an extremely
exquisiteglass bead. Delighted, our customer was really
happy with the manual effort put into the whole production process. From broken glass to colourful beads!!

But wait! There is more! Out of the rejected buttons comes a new creation…
button and bead necklaces!! Isn’t that great!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just another day!!

The Aburi Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful,
peaceful and fascinating places in Ghana. Opened in March 1890, covering 64.8 hectares, Aburi sits atop a mountain overlooking the Accra coastal plain. - All who visit Aburi gardens are struck by the scenic views, fresh air, and natural surrounding. A true getaway from the hectic city of Accra and must see attraction for every Ghanaian and tourist alike
My family and I decided to embark on another quiet trip to the botanical garden. The naturally picturesque drive up the mountain, as well as the peaceful, serene view from the top gave me a true sense of inner peace. Our trip to the mountain was filled with bizarre attractions (see picture) like this overloaded trucks on the highway in front of us. Watch the goat peeping at the back in the above truck.and the lady sleeping on sacks of yams and plantains on the next one,...sweet dreams!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Octopus arrived in Viennna

Dear Erick, Kwather, Hatim and all the other great people at e-shopAfrica!

Last week I got the notice from the airport here in Vienna that the big box had arrived. So on Tuesday night I drove to the airport to get it and as soon as I told the customs that there is a beautiful coffin from Ghana inside, the customs guy was more than interested to see it. So after almost two hours we went to the storage to see the coffin. The crate was already open and it was the first time for me to see the octopus for real. What a beautiful artwork!!

The customs officer checked everything and suddenly he asked me what the other thing inside was. I told him that I have no idea and he just opened the paper a little bit and as soon as he saw that it was painted wood again, I was allowed to take everything with me but I didn´t open the inner package until I got home. There was a big “hello” from my whole family (my wife and my two kids) once the saw the great chest and the beautiful crab – thanks so much!!!!! My kids decided that the crab shall be named “Zwicki” (which basically means that it can “pinch”) and I gave the name “Bruno” to the octopus in memory of a good friend (a sculptor as Erick) who passed away in late February.

Together we installed both pieces on a high wall in our living room/library and as you can see on the photo we just simply love them! I will invite some friends to celebrate the arrvial of “Buno” and “Zwicki” and I will do my best to get at least one of them to order another chest! One already siad that he is considering one in the sahpe of a guitar…..

Once again, I wanted to say what great work all of you have done for me a and that I highly appriciate your efforts and the nice communication! Keep up the great work and I will spread the news about you fantastic shop!

Regards and big hugs from all of us here in Vienna!

Peter, Angi, Sophie, Max; Bruno and Zwicki

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael Norton is a fan of eShopAfrica.com!!!

Early this month Michael was in Ghana, despite his hectic schedule he made time to pay us a visit. It was a very humbling experience, meeting a man with such a rich CV, and vast business mind. Prior to seeing him, it is fair to say, I was intimidated. Mr. Norton’s personality seemed contrary to his intimidating resume, he was a simple man who spoke freely and eloquently.

He is truly a social activist

40 years supporting voluntary organisations, developing creative ideas for a better world, turning them into successful projects, and encouraging others to go out and change the world.

Thank you Michael for your support!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting with COFTA...

During my short visit to kenya I managed to pay a short visit to COFTA, co operation for fair trade in Africa, to discuss with secretariat office how eShopAfrica would like to get involved in mobilizing more members from the western part of the continent to join COFTA. Hilda, membership officer explained the role played with COFTA as a network of fair trade producer organization involved and working with artisans to eleminate poverty through fair trade.

Joan, the regional director for Africa was busy in a meeting, nevertheless she warmly welcomed my visit.
I am looking forward to see change in the livlihood of African artisans through parntership and advocacy for fair trade.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kawther's visit to Kazuri beads factory in kenya

Last month I was able to visit kasuri beads factory in Kenya. I was really impressed . I watched the whole process from making slabs of clay, then weghing clay pieces according to beads size,shaping each single bead by hand, baking, glazing, stringing and finally into a beautiful necklace,earing or a bracelet.
The factory acts as a social gathering with the hum of voices continuing throughout the day, the atmosphere is friendly and there was a smile on everybody's face. This factory provides employment opportunities for 350 disadvantaged members of Kenyan Society. What a great job!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feedback: Musical Instruments: Michael Hilger, US

I am happy with the Gome drum, which I thought was cleanly designed and constructed, and (more importantly) which sounds good.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Philippe Lespinasse documentry about Ga coffins is out!!

At eShopAfrica office with me!!!

The French film maker Philippe Lespinasse was in Accra last year to film
a documentry about the Ga fantasy coffins of Ghana. He was very interested,among others, in the "Empire State building" coffin designed by Eric for Sarah Murray who is writing a book on the same issue. Read more about it in www.eshopafrica.com.
The film is out, we have just received our complimentry DVD.

In this picture we were visiting Eric, Philippe(orange batik shirt) and his crew.

It was a day!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Womens day!!

Hi Women of the world..
congrats for the acheivements we had since the beginning of last century..that was great...but not the end of the line, there is still more to do...Poverty the world's poorest people are women. Health millions of women die during pregnancy or at giving birth in developing world. Slavery still women are discovered in domestic slavery every year. Sexual violence and forced marriages still prevails.
Let us make sure that the UN theme for this year "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all" should acheive its goals..it is our duty to make it happen..Yes we will ...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Graduation Kente stoles


Graduate with pride this year wearing our special
Class of Year Kente strip.
We can personalize any of these items with lettering patterns
and colour of your choice,
weaving a personalised kente strip
makes a unique memento of the occasion

We are next to the Artisans!!!!