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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artisan: Livingstone Lumor

Livingstone Lumor of Living Arts supplies us with a great range of T shirts. Livingstone's parents are from Keta in the Volta region. He was educated in Accra and graduated from Ghana college of Arts in 1991 where he studied graphic art, painting, cartoons and textiles. After various assignments Livingstone established his own company "The Living Arts" in 1995 which specializes in T shirt printing, tie and dye and painting on canvas. He also works with other textiles. His business has grown and he is now a recognized artisan whose work can be found at the top exhibitions and bazaars in Accra. He is also frequently invited by Embassies where his creativity is recognized. As well as three employees he also has two apprentices. He has a special empathy with street children and plans to have street children as students so that they can learn the "tie and dye" process. Livingstone is happy to take special commissions or develop unique designs for customers.

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