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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artisan: Oklah Tetteh

My name is Oklah Tetteh and I am 32 years old. I am in village called Obawale Tsebi in Manya Krobo which located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I was born into a Krobo family with a long history of bead-making
At the age of ten years, I was already familiar with bead-making because my father is a bead-maker. I helped my father after school hours whilst in the basic school. Therefore, from my father I learnt bead-making and practiced it as a part time job after my basic education.In 1993, I established a small bead production workshop, starting with Powder Glass beads. I made only 'bodoum' bead designs in 1994 and I introduced Recycled Glass Beads with new sizes and different colour combination. In 1996, my beads did well on the market therefore attracting more customers. I started exporting my products to the U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy, and Denmark, just to mention a few. Due to the quality of my products and prompt delivery, I received orders from eshopAfrica from 1997 till date of which I also play my part as a supplier. My company keeps expanding as the days go by.I am currently looking forward to help people who are jobless and willing to learn bead-making to earn a better living.I am a family man with two boys namely; Evans Tetteh who is four years old and Desmond Tetteh who is almost one year old.


Annette Tutu said...

how can I contact with Mr Tetteh please?

Learning Tools Child Developement Center said...

How can i contact you for orders?

Learning Tools Child Developement Center said...

please email me at learningtoolscdc@gmail.com so that i may place a order.