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Monday, July 8, 2013

Gallery: Process: Lost Wax Brass Process: 03 In the Kiln

The "lost wax" brass process is an ancient tecnique used for making brass models and sculptures.  It was also used to make the the intricate gold ornaments beloved by West African chiefs. Nowadays brass is more commonly used.  This is the process: 

  • 01 Making the Wax Model
  • 02 Making the Mould
  • 03 In the Kiln
  • 04 Cleaning and Polishing 

Crucibles are made that exactly fit over the finished the finished moulds

 These days recycled brass taps and pipes are often used    Along with brass models that didn't work out

   The crucibles are all filled with brass and then joined together to the waiting mould

 And the mold is ready for the kiln

 A trench kiln is prepared 

The crucibles are put in the kiln and fired. As they get hot the wax melts and the molten brass flows in and takes its place

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