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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artisan: Bob Dennis

Artisan - Bob Dennis
Bob Dennis the Ewe Kente weaver. Bob is from Agbozume in the Volta Region. Amongst the Ewe, whose live across the border between Eastern Ghana and Western Togo, the art of weaving is a legacy handed from father to son. This is how Bob learned and started helping his father by winding threads onto bobbins at the age of six. As soon as hig legs could reach the treadles he was allowed to move on to loom. Under his father's tutelage Bob has learned everything there is to know about Kente weaving. He has written a book on Ewe Kente weaving which is to be published soon and also teaches classes in Ewe Kente weaving to pass on his knowledge to the youth of Ghana.

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