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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just another day!!

The Aburi Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful,
peaceful and fascinating places in Ghana. Opened in March 1890, covering 64.8 hectares, Aburi sits atop a mountain overlooking the Accra coastal plain. - All who visit Aburi gardens are struck by the scenic views, fresh air, and natural surrounding. A true getaway from the hectic city of Accra and must see attraction for every Ghanaian and tourist alike
My family and I decided to embark on another quiet trip to the botanical garden. The naturally picturesque drive up the mountain, as well as the peaceful, serene view from the top gave me a true sense of inner peace. Our trip to the mountain was filled with bizarre attractions (see picture) like this overloaded trucks on the highway in front of us. Watch the goat peeping at the back in the above truck.and the lady sleeping on sacks of yams and plantains on the next one,...sweet dreams!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Octopus arrived in Viennna

Dear Erick, Kwather, Hatim and all the other great people at e-shopAfrica!

Last week I got the notice from the airport here in Vienna that the big box had arrived. So on Tuesday night I drove to the airport to get it and as soon as I told the customs that there is a beautiful coffin from Ghana inside, the customs guy was more than interested to see it. So after almost two hours we went to the storage to see the coffin. The crate was already open and it was the first time for me to see the octopus for real. What a beautiful artwork!!

The customs officer checked everything and suddenly he asked me what the other thing inside was. I told him that I have no idea and he just opened the paper a little bit and as soon as he saw that it was painted wood again, I was allowed to take everything with me but I didn´t open the inner package until I got home. There was a big “hello” from my whole family (my wife and my two kids) once the saw the great chest and the beautiful crab – thanks so much!!!!! My kids decided that the crab shall be named “Zwicki” (which basically means that it can “pinch”) and I gave the name “Bruno” to the octopus in memory of a good friend (a sculptor as Erick) who passed away in late February.

Together we installed both pieces on a high wall in our living room/library and as you can see on the photo we just simply love them! I will invite some friends to celebrate the arrvial of “Buno” and “Zwicki” and I will do my best to get at least one of them to order another chest! One already siad that he is considering one in the sahpe of a guitar…..

Once again, I wanted to say what great work all of you have done for me a and that I highly appriciate your efforts and the nice communication! Keep up the great work and I will spread the news about you fantastic shop!

Regards and big hugs from all of us here in Vienna!

Peter, Angi, Sophie, Max; Bruno and Zwicki