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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Media: FHM Magazine: Getaway Caskets

All the fun of a funeral in Ghana without ever having to live there. No-one knows where we go when we die. If it's LA though, you're going to need a set of wheels. Thanks to coffin-makers in Ghana, the dead can now take to the afterlife in a hand-carved Ferrari, Subaru or whatever they fancy.
"Ghana's Ga people bury their dead in coffins that represent the life of the deceased," says Cordelia Salter-Nour of eShopAfrica.com, the business that's bringing Ghana's best to the West. The designs come in full, half and table top models. "Half size is a children's coffin," Salter says.
But do Westerners want to spend eternity in a giant phone? "Sure they do," Salter insists. One customer wants to be buried in a peacock so ordered her own coffin.  June 2004

Order your own Ga chest from the eShopAfrica.com online shop:

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